Tomorrow’s Air supports innovations that will help us all to enjoy fresh air and a stable climate.

Only a tiny fraction of all carbon removal funded today - 0.002 gigatons per year - occurs through innovative methods scientists agree are necessary to restore our climate. (State of Carbon Dioxide Removal) The three innovative carbon removal methods supported by Tomorrow’s Air were selected for their readiness today and potential to scale.

Like novel forms of carbon removal, sustainable aviation fuel is another innovation that can help our climate and which also needs a stronger demand signal to spur expansion. According to the International Air Transport Association, the use of sustainable aviation fuels was only 0.1% of the total jet fuel demand in 2022.

When you add a payment for carbon removal and sustainable aviation fuel through Tomorrow’s Air you support education about climate conscious travel and help spur broader adoption of these approaches. Find out more about the innovations Tomorrow’s Air supports:

The next decade is crucial for these innovative climate solutions because the amount of carbon dioxide removal and sustainable aviation fuel necessary in the second half of the century to maintain a stable climate will only be achievable through substantial new deployment in the next ten years.

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Innovations spread as people learn about them.

Through creative education we can build awareness and understanding about climate conscious travel and innovations that can restore our climate. Travel has a unique opportunity to propel climate investment. Tourism is responsible for 8% of annual global carbon emissions. In 2022 there were 900 million travelers, and with millions more on the horizon there’s no doubt that travel represents a potentially massive force for climate. Tomorrow’s Air is a place where travelers and travel businesses join together to promote climate conscious travel education and fund innovations necessary to help clean our atmosphere. Find out more about the Tomorrow’s Air unique approach to education.

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In 2024, the Adventure Travel Trade Association and Tomorrow’s Air, in partnership with Innovation Norway, are embarking on a year of climate innovation to initiate discussion, facilitate connections, and spark change in the travel industry and beyond.

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San Francisco, CA

31 January 2024 from 5-7pm

Residence of the Norwegian Consul General in San Francisco

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AdventureELEVATE North America

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New York City, NY

Date TBD, will align with Climate Week NYC

22 - 29 September 2024

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Innovate for Tomorrow: Climate Action Summit

31 October - 2 November, 2024