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Your Company or Destination Can Lead the Way Toward Meaningful Climate Impact

Tomorrow’s Air consolidates the massive, distributed power of global travel to clean up the excess carbon disrupting all life in order to keep the joys of exploring our world available into the future.

For companies and destinations at the vanguard of the next generation of tourism, Tomorrow’s Air offers a unique opportunity to 'walk the talk'. Help educate and inspire the global travel community about carbon removal and back it up with your tangible, measurable action.

All partners receive a Tomorrow’s Air Communications Kit to help promote your commitment with your customers and team. All partners are featured in Tomorrow’s Air global inspiration and education to engage the broader travel community.

Integrate Tomorrow's Air into Company Operations

Confirm your ambitious and expansive commitment to a lasting positive legacy when you engage and empower customers and staff

Integrate a Tomorrow's Air flat fee contribution into your checkout process
Commit a percentage of revenue (e.g. "2.5% for Tomorrow")
Enroll staff as monthly subscribers
Allocate Tomorrow's Air contribution for staff travel and events

Become an Education Partner

Inspire others to follow your lead with a custom education campaign featuring your company or destination's leadership

Make a one time purchase supporting education campaign + carbon removal
Commit to multi-year partnership supporting education campaign + carbon removal purchase
Pool the resources of multiple companies or destinations in a custom partnership

“We work with clients who understand luxury means access to unique and life-changing experiences. We want to keep providing these experiences and sharing what we love here in Greenland, where global warming is drastically affecting Arctic ice.  The collective action vehicle offered through Tomorrow’s Air provides us an opportunity to extend the impact of we could do alone.”

Lyyke Yakaboylu

Sila Greenland

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