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Your Business Can Lead the Way Toward Meaningful Climate Impact

For businesses Tomorrow’s Air offers a unique opportunity to drive impact: through creative campaigns, help build awareness and understanding about climate solutions; orders for carbon removal through leading innovators help advance the sector.

Business partners participate in ongoing education campaigns and receive a Tomorrow’s Air Communications Kit including Tomorrow’s Air member badge, shareable graphics, and blog content.

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Travel Businesses 

For companies in the business of travel - tour operators, accommodations providers, transport providers 

  • Add a contribution to Tomorrow’s Air to customer bookings

  • Receive exposure for your brand in campaigns for travelers and the sustainable travel trade

  • Receive communications kit

  • Receive end of year impact report

Travel Managers  

For organizations with people who travel

  • Engage your organization’s people collectively in climate action when Tomorrow’s Air is included in individual travel bookings

  • Empower people with carbon removal education and opportunities to share their stories 

  • Share your organization’s expertise with new audiences

  • Receive communications kit

  • Receive end of year impact report

Design a Custom Partnership

Have a specific vision? We can work with you to design a custom education and outreach + carbon removal package tailored to your brand’s message and mission.

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“At kimkim, we’re passionate about the positive social and economic impacts that travel generates in our destinations—but we also recognize that travel contributes to climate change.”

Our partnership with Tomorrow’s Air helps us magnify our impact through the permanent removal and storage of carbon dioxide and climate-conscious travel education. We’re excited to be part of a global community helping to scale up new technologies that will be necessary alongside natural solutions for carbon removal.

Eric Chamberlain
Kimkim Head of Destination Development

“We want to keep providing these experiences and sharing what we love here in Greenland”

We work with clients who understand luxury means access to unique and life-changing experiences. We want to keep providing these experiences and sharing what we love here in Greenland, where global warming is drastically affecting Arctic ice.  The collective action vehicle offered through Tomorrow’s Air provides us an opportunity to extend the impact of we could do alone.

Lyyke Yakaboylu
Sila Greenland

Uniting and empowering travelers.

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