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Geographic Expeditions is a pioneering luxury adventure travel company with over forty years’ experience based in San Francisco, California. Geographic Expeditions delivers lovingly crafted and smartly run trips—from treks and safaris to cultural tours, cruises, and rail journeys—to all seven continents.

“We are incredibly grateful for all of the collaboration this past year, and have a good response to this as a gift option and hope to continue in this way moving forward!”

–Lisa Robinson, Director, Corporate Compliance

What We’re Doing Together

Geographic Expeditions offers guests the option to receive a pre-departure gift or make a contribution to Tomorrow’s Air in the amount of $40. In 2022 and 2023 the fee covered 40 kg of carbon dioxide removal and permanent storage, but in 2024 Geographic Expeditions updated their agreement to include carbon removal in the amount of 20 kgs per guest and emissions reductions via sustainable aviation fuel in the amount of 17 kgs per guest.

Collaborative Communications

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Impact to Date

To date, Geoex has funded the removal and permanent storage of 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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