About Us

Thank you for your curiosity and taking a minute to learn about us. We’re proud to be the first collective for carbon removal with permanent storage, purpose-built to take the power of one to the power of many for the benefit of all. Tomorrow’s Air is also the only place you can buy carbon removal with permanent storage alongside custom benefits specifically curated for tomorrow’s climate clever traveler.


Our vision is fresh air and a stable climate for everyone.


To convene the global community of travelers who care about air, extending the influence of each individual and building strength through our numbers to clean carbon from the atmosphere, ensuring our air for today and tomorrow. 


Tomorrow’s Air was founded in 2019 by Christina Beckmann and Nim de Swardt after their life-changing experience together in Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan OBE (the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles). 

At the bottom of the planet, surrounded by ice, breathing in crisp, pure air, and face to face with its decay as a result of global warming, they saw an opportunity to band together with fellow passionate travelers. Tomorrow’s Air was born to consolidate the massive, distributed power of global travel to clean up the excess carbon disrupting all life in order to keep the joys of exploring our world available into the future.

Incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association with its global network of sustainable travel partners and launching in partnership with revolutionary direct air capture provider Climeworks, Tomorrow’s Air builds on wisdom and connections established over 20 years of supporting sustainable travel businesses and their entrepreneurial leaders to harness the power of travel for tangible climate action. 

We are dedicated to air. 

Tomorrow’s Air, Everywhere.

Uniting and empowering travelers.

Show You Care About Air