The Short Story of Tomorrow’s Air and How We Do It

Tomorrow's Air is bringing travel consumers and travel businesses together to help catalyze carbon free travel. At a recent conference gathering together accommodations providers from around the world - the Eco Hotel Restart Summit - Tomorrow’s Air co-creator Christina Beckmann shared a short background on Tomorrow’s Air and its mission, and how the carbon removal technology its members support works.

In this seven minute excerpt from the full presentation you'll hear from Christina about her experience on an expedition to Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan through his 2041 Foundation and in partnership with The Explorer's Passage, how it sparked the idea for Tomorrow's Air, and introduced her to co-creator Nim de Swardt. She also relates how direct air capture provider Climeworks' service works, and how individual travelers and businesses can join, outlining the vision for virtuous ecosystem in which both travelers and travel providers are helping to remove and permanently store carbon dioxide.

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