Educational Student Travel Tour Operator

Educational Student Travel Tour Operator As an educational student travel tour operator, CAS Trips takes inspiration from the International Baccalaureate Creativity, Activity, and Service program, and offers inspiring cross-cultural experiences for students who want to closely engage with local communities and the environment in the places they visit. ⁠

“Yes, our stable climate is in jeopardy, and there are things we can do to help. I’ve been learning about the vibrant and dynamic community of innovators testing and expanding the use of promising solutions every day. For example, CAS Trips and our travelers are helping propel the movement to expand the use of necessary carbon removal technologies through our participation in Tomorrow’s Air, an initiative that makes it easy for travelers to join in.”

- Neil Brinckerhoff, program director

What We’re Doing Together

CAS Trips dedicates $20 per traveler with an opt-out option to contribute to Tomorrow's Air. The fee covers an order of 20kgs carbon dioxide to be removed and permanently stored by the Tomorrow’s Air portfolio of carbon dioxide removal partners.

Collaborative Communications

Community-Led Service (CLS) Trips with CAS Trips
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March 2023 Airrow Bulletin Feature
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TA Message for CAS Team Jan 2024
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Impact to Date

In 2023, 1,999 student travelers participated in the Tomorrow’s Air Program with CAS Trips and funded the removal and permanent storage of 35 tonnes of CO2.

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