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Socompa is a leading private travel company in Northwestern Argentina. They specialize in intricately designed, bespoke trips, led by local guides primarily in the rugged terrain of Northern Argentina’s Puna region.

“We always include sustainability, since we consider tour guides as sustainability agents. They are in the field in direct contact with nature and with the possibility to educate travelers (we have huge areas of land that do not have rangers, for example).”

-Mariana Caliuolo, general manager

What We’re Doing Together

Since January 2023, Socompa Adventure Travel dedicates $10 per traveler to contribute to Tomorrow’s Air. The fee covers 10kgs of carbon dioxide to be removed and permanently stored by the Tomorrow’s Air portfolio of carbon dioxide removal partners, currently including: Climeworks, Pacific Biochar, and Eion Enhanced Rock Weathering.

Collaborative Communications

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Impact to Date

In 2023 Socompa Adventure Travel funded the removal and permanent storage of 11.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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