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Natural Habitat Adventures provides life-enhancing nature and wildlife experiences to small groups of passionate explorers. The company combines an innovative approach to travel, personal attention to detail, and industry-leading sustainability practices to provide intimate encounters with Earth's wildest places. Natural Habitat Adventures’ mission is conservation through exploration—protecting our planet by inspiring travelers, supporting local communities and boldly influencing the entire travel industry.

“Set apart from everything else that i’ve seen in this carbon reduction space, Tomorrow’s Air offers an innovative approach to carbon mitigation, but also this practical, educational and storytelling approach that - no matter how big or small of a travel company, you are able to relate and pass that information on to your travelers.”

-Court Whelan, sustainability director

What We’re Doing Together

Natural Habitat Adventures joined Tomorrow’s Air in 2022, and their yearly contribution funds the clean up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through our portfolio of carbon removal and permanent storage innovators: Climeworks Direct Air Capture, Pacific Biochar and Eion Enhanced Rock Weathering. In 2023, NatHab elected to include sustainable aviation fuel in their Tomorrow’s Air contribution. 50% of their purchase will fund the removal and permanent storage of carbon dioxide, and 50% will reduce emissions via Tomorrow’s Air partner Neste Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Collaborative Communications

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Impact to Date

As of January 2024, Natural Habitat Adventures has funded the removal and permanent storage of 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and has avoided 2.25 tonnes CO2e via sustainable aviation fuel.

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