Neste Sustainable  Aviation Fuel.

Tomorrow’s Air supports sustainable aviation fuel produced by our partner, Neste. Neste provides sustainable aviation fuel for many international airlines and regional carriers. It also counts among its customers discerning buyers including Boston Consulting Group and ING. In 2023 Neste was awarded European Inventor Award 2023 by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Here is a quick look at how Neste sustainable aviation fuel is produced.

1. Take renewable raw materials

Renewable raw material inputs for Neste SAF consist of waste and residue raw materials - like used cooking oil and animal fat waste.

2. Remove impurities

The waste and residue materials are pre-treated to remove impurities. This creates a clean, pure raw material that can be turned into a high quality sustainable fuel.

3. Refine into sustainable aviation fuel

SAF is made from hydrocarbon molecules through a process called hydrodeoxygenation. Impurities, like sulphur and nitrogen, are removed as well during this process. Using Neste’s unique technology, hydrocarbons are transformed and at the end of this stage SAF fully meets ASTM 7566 requirements.

4. Blend and deliver

Neste MY SAF is then blended with conventional jet fuel prior to use, as current ASTM specifications allow SAF to be blended up to 50%. It is then certified as a regular jet fuel and ready to be delivered to airports to fuel aircraft.

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