Eion Enhanced Weathering Carbon Removal

Tomorrow’s Air supports enhanced weathering carbon removal with permanent storage through the technology pioneered by our partner, Eion.
Eion is a respected and vetted carbon removal supplier, receiving funding in the past from Stripe.

Eion’s novel process speeds up the natural process of chemical weathering that causes the breakdown of rocks and minerals, storing carbon dioxide along the way. Chemical weathering occurs naturally when rain, which has absorbed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on its way to Earth, reacts with rocks and soils on the ground. The rain-soaked rocks and soils then break down, forming tiny rock grains and bicarbonates. These bicarbonates eventually wash into the ocean where the carbon is stored for thousands of years.

Eion enhances this natural process by applying crushed silicate rock - olivine - to soil. Through existing moisture and acidity in the soil, the crushed rock dissolves, resulting in carbon dioxide being pulled from the atmosphere into the solution. The bicarbonate ions that are formed as part of the process over time make their way to the ocean. Once they reach the ocean, they improve ocean alkalinity and remain at the bottom of the ocean for 500,000 years. The use of Eion’s product, whose founder has a background in soil management and crop production, can replace the agricultural lime farmers currently use in amounts ranging from 25 to 30 million tons per year.  

Images courtesy Eion

Accountability and Carbon Removal Fulfillment
Eion has also developed a verifiable tracer that allows it to return to a field several years after its product has been applied to the soil and see which minerals were applied in which quantities, and verify the carbon removal. For carbon removal currently being purchased, Eion’s process removes fifty to seventy percent of carbon dioxide ordered within 24 months. If 100% of the rock hasn't weathered within 24 months, the team takes a third sample the following year. Verified results are provided after each sample is taken.

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