Local Keeps

Local Keeps is a vision from our founders to allow anyone and everyone to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and unique set of experiences Costa Rica has to offer, no matter where they live in the world.

Every product you will find at Local Keeps has been carefully curated and developed to showcase the quality, sustainability and the natural sourcing the brand offers - each is the embodiment of wonders and realities that speak of stories and empowerment of local small businesses. Each Local Keeps maker (our suppliers) is our ally and has three main missions: to produce clean ingredient products, to create jobs and to reduce their carbon footprint through eco-friendly production processes and packaging.

Local Keeps makers are certified as sustainable and 80% are led by women who give jobs to other women. This is why buying at Local Keeps is both a satisfying experience because you get wonderful products but also because you know you're supporting small businesses, while keeping your carbon footprint low. And now, through our alliance with Tomorrow's Air, we all get to lower our carbon footprint even more!


• Tomorrow’s Air members save 15% on all products.

• At the end of each year, Local Keeps will dedicate a percentage of its sales to Tomorrow’s Air to support ongoing education and carbon removal with permanent storage.

Uniting and empowering travelers.

Invest in clean air