BirdsChile founder Raffaele di Biase is a Tomorrow's Air Champion supporting 600kgs of carbon removal and permanent storage per year.

Since 2009 BirdsChile has been committed to carefully crafting exceptional naturalist, wildlife, birding and multi-activity journeys with a special focus on sustainable and responsible travel. The company’s new brand Rewild Chile is fully dedicated to giving back and rewilding experiences making possible for our travelers to contribute to the planet regeneration and the local communities support. The team at BirdsChile believes that travel must be an act of empathy with the potential to change the world and save the planet for the generations to come.

Since 2017 BirdsChile is a certified B Corporation and was recognized as the most sustainable travel company of Chile on 2016, becoming one of the leaders in sustainable practices in the Chilean travel industry. 


  • Access to a Tomorrow’s Air Concierge: a dedicated contact for trip planning support and booking, never use the info@ again!
  • Tomorrow's Air members save 5% on all BirdsChile departures. This exclusive deal will be available for all bookings of TA supporters and leaders. Champions save an additional 2%. 
  • An exclusive destination presentation of Chile natural highlights for Tomorrow’s Air community. The presentation will be a live session leaded by members of our team and will be recorded.

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