Selecting Our Carbon Removal Suppliers.

Tomorrow’s Air identifies and carefully selects innovative carbon removal suppliers to receive investment from our collective. Suppliers are chosen based on how their carbon removal solution aligns with the four principles described below.

Innovation Potential to Scale

Virtually all scenarios that limit warming to 1.5°C or 2°C require “novel” CDR, such as biochar, direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage. However, only a tiny fraction (0.002 GtCO2 per year) of current CDR results from these CDR methods. (see State of Carbon Dioxide Removal) Tomorrow’s Air brings early adopter supporters to novel carbon removal methods with the potential scale up.

Credible Third-Party Endorsement

Tomorrow’s Air takes into account the support and investment its selected carbon removal partners have from leaders in science-backed carbon removal investment decision-making at Microsoft, Frontier Climate, and CarbonPlan among others. 

Carbon Dioxide Storage Duration

Tomorrow’s Air prioritizes carbon removal providers whose innovation offers carbon dioxide storage of greater than 500 years. 

Monitoring and Verification Integrity

Clarifying inherent uncertainties in new forms of carbon removal with permanent storage helps Tomorrow’s Air evaluate individual carbon removal suppliers’ approaches to monitoring and verifying the carbon removal and storage service they provide. Tomorrow’s Air uses guidance from Carbonplan’s Carbon Removal Verification Framework

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