Carbon Catchers: A Focus on the Changemakers Behind Climate Solutions

Ep. 27

“We all experienced a kind of exhilaration from being in a place where there's so much hope.” - Duncan

Tristan Copley-Smith and Duncan McDowall - Carbon Catchers: A Focus on the Changemakers Behind Climate Solutions. Listen in on today’s conversation with award winning filmmakers and creatives, Tristan Copley-Smith and Duncan McDowall, who discuss their documentary series “Carbon Catchers.” Together they’re planning to travel the world learning the stories of maverick entrepreneurs, visionaries, and tech-savvy activists dedicating themselves to climate solutions. The series will tell the “story of a radical cultural phenomenon; a hybrid of activism, entrepreneurialism, and cutting edge science.” Broadcasting respectively from a barn in Ontario and a cottage in the UK, Duncan and Tristan discuss how they met in a climate action course and combined their artistic talents in hopes to enact change. Rather than using pessimistic and doomsday messages often associated with climate change, they hope to change the narrative with action-oriented, positive stories from some of the top climate action technologies available. In our conversation we discuss the relationship between technology and nature; often seen as conflicting forces, their symbiosis is now essential for climate action. Tristan and Duncan talk about the many hats they wear as artists and conservationists, their family lives, their nomadic childhoods, beekeeping, biomimicry, past and future projects, and more.

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