Shannon Stowell - Traveling Escapades, Mishaps and Humility

Ep. 15

“The friends I enjoyed being with the most are the YES people.”

Traveling Escapades, Mishaps and Humility. In today’s episode I’m talking with Adventure Travel Trade Association CEO, Shannon Stowell, who shares my hope for more sustainable and responsible tourism. Shannon brings to the conversation more than 25 years of business experience in adventure travel, e-commerce, outdoor retail, and environmental science. Shannon’s family history includes adventurers in Colorado’s wilderness and that spirit has been an underlying guide for most all his life’s journey. We talk about his many escapades around the world including climbing Mt. Rainier (twice), a trip with his teenage son to Kurdistan, a lavalier mishap at a conference in Scotland, sweating through success as well as a kidnapping escapade in Mexico. Shannon emphasizes the importance of balancing his adventurous spirit with other risk takers, while also teaming with more logical minds in order to push the conventional boundaries. We also talk about the importance of humility and gratitude while having the privilege to travel to other cultures.

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