Ryan Jones - Building A Career in Climate, From Tech to Storytelling


“Sometimes there's this disconnect between the climate tech world and the solutions, and those being most affected.”- Ryan

In this week's episode, meet Ryan Jones, a young, intelligent, and passionate man at the start of his climate career. Ryan’s work today is focused in the Scale for Climate Tech program at SecondMuse, an organization born out of a global hackathon project called Random Hacks of Kindness in partnership with Google, Microsoft, NASA and the WorldBank. Prior to SecondMuse Ryan worked with Forum For the Future and Electrify Now. He was also the co-director of Hult International Business School’s In-house incubator, managing 31 startups from over 20 countries, helping scale the program to their three other global campuses. In this conversation Ryan takes us on a fascinating journey through his role at SecondMuse, where he shares about their groundbreaking program supporting climate tech start-ups, funded by New York State. Ryan shares about an unconventional approach he used in the past to gathering insights on current affairs interviewing people in pubs and then discusses an upcoming sabbatical in which he’ll undertake a National Outdoor Leadership School program in in Asia. Finally, Ryan discusses his goals with writing and storytelling, and the ways he finds great stories inspiring others to take charge, harness their agency, and create meaningful action toward a sustainable future. Get ready for an episode brimming with energy, inspiration, and exhilarating plans for a better world.

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