Ross Kenyon - Perspectives and Predictions in Carbon Removal from Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace Co-Founder


“I'm agnostic to carbon removal, I'm just a booster of the entire space. I just want things to be done in a credible and ethical way that's positive for society.” - Ross

Ross Kenyon is the Co-Founder and Creative Editor at Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace, a company on a mission to scale the carbon removal industry and combat climate change. In this episode, Ross shares insightful strategies to address hesitancy around climate discussions and climate technology, emphasizing the importance of transparency and backing up claims in the field. Ross offers a broader perspective on the role of carbon removal within the larger climate action and environmental movements and a different approach to promoting climate-conscious travel and carbon removal that could lead to groundbreaking outcomes. At the end of the episode, Ross shares his perspective on the upcoming trends and predictions in carbon removal, along with the intertwining of policy and politics.

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