Philippe Beauchamp: Lessons in Freediving, Polyphonic Singing, History, and Beyond

Ep. 28

“It’s an important part of the practice to say, ‘Yeah I’m scared’ but then the question becomes, ‘What am I going to do about it?’” - Philippe

Philippe Beauchamp- Lessons in Freediving, Polyphonic Singing, History, and Beyond. In this conversation with Philippe Beauchamp, a champion freediver, history professor and polyphonic singer, we find a unique perspective on breath and air. Philippe is the former Vice President and Founder of ApneaCity; the only AIDA freediving school in Montreal. He is also a history professor and father. Philippe had a serendipitous introduction to freediving after many years training in martial arts ended with injuries and surgeries. I learned so much in my conversation with Philippe and was truly inspired. Rather than accepting defeat after his series of injuries, he used them as a chance to rebuild. We discuss lessons learned from freediving including discipline, focus, and facing your fears. His connection to breath and history then led him to the ancient art of polyphonic singing; a truly fascinating and beautiful artform. It’s amazing to see how Philippe’s natural connection to water and love of history have evolved into conservation work. He’s a genuine example of someone tapping into the full human experience and using it to protect and educate others, a teacher in every sense of the word.

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