Matthew Eshed - On Changing our Mindset and Approach to Climate Change

Ep. 7

“There are millions of people—possibly even hundreds of millions or maybe even a billion people—all around the world who sincerely at their core want to be in partnership with the Earth just like we do. And all we have to do is be open to seeing that they’re all around us.”

Carbon Expert Matthew Eshed on Changing our Mindset and Approach to Climate Change. This week I’m joined by Matthew Eshed. He is an entrepreneur, systems designer and engineer working in climate innovation. Matthew’s extensive background has made him an expert in the carbon community. He talks about his experience as one of the early players in Direct Air Capture and his latest projects with his organization Climatetech Advisors. Matthew talks about the power of “awe” and how he wants to change the way the world values an ecosystem on both a systemic and individual level.

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