Matt Eggers - The Future is NOW in Climate Tech

Ep. 17

“The way to cure everybody of everything is to keep the planet flourishing.”

The Future is NOW in Climate Tech. Today I finally sat down with a guest I’ve been wanting to have on the podcast for a long time. Matt Eggers is a seasoned expert in climate tech with more than 20 years of experience. He is an investor at Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a coalition of private investors formed in 2015 by Bill Gates, funding the brightest hopes for leading the world to net-zero emissions. His extensive career has garnered him in-depth knowledge of solar, electric vehicles, clean energy, fuel cells, the colors of hydrogen, and more, in the fight against climate change. Matt grew up in Iowa on a farm and his work today proves his heart never left. He now lives in Northern California, but he shares my love of traveling the world. We also share a passion for science, the arts, meditation, and hiking. Matt is a true steward for the environment, consistently making career choices to align with his core values. Lots more on that in this episode that will truly inspire you, as Matt has inspired so many others, to take action!

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