Joyce Bergsma - Recognizing the Impact Our Food Systems and Choices Have on Climate Change

Ep. 22

"You can’t make long lasting change on your own. We all need support and community."

Recognizing the Impact Our Food Systems and Choices Have on Climate Change. I am so pleased to welcome Joyce Bergsma to the podcast today. Joyce is a registered nutritional therapist who has been practicing orthomolecular and functional medicine since 2010. Joyce was born in Canada and soon became a world citizen and traveler who now resides in Amsterdam. While conscious about the impact travel has on climate change, Joyce shares my belief in the many benefits and opportunities it also provides. My conversation with Joyce highlights the parallels between regenerative farming and travel, as well as the undeniable connection our eating habits as a society have on climate. With the world’s food system responsible for about ¼ of the annual planet-warming greenhouse gases, the work Joyce does to focus on individual nutrition is an important source of climate action we can all readily access. We chat about hobby farming, the impact generational farming had on her path in nutrition, the far-reaching benefits of regenerative agriculture, principles of permaculture, food sovereignty, victory gardens, what it was like working inside Patagonia with the sustainable foods team, and about a new series of online courses she’s launching.

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