Jeffrey Foote - Exploring the Role of Corporations in Sustainability and Climate Change

Ep. 14

“We’ll see that there will be activism in the financial space around climate, as well. So if you’re a big user of energy and you don’t have really good commitments, you’re not really doing anything in the renewable space, and you’re not really looking at offsets, investors look at other companies that are much more efficient or have solutions.”

Exploring the Role of Corporations in Sustainability and Climate Change. In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Foote. Jeffrey is a career sustainability man who held an executive position with Coca-Cola for 20 years, spearheading climate action in the very early days, and now heads up his firm Footeprints Resourcefulness Consulting. We discuss how he got started in sustainability, his family’s roots in community benefit, and his various investments in clean-tech. Our conversation explores successes and challenges in key pillars of sustainability in our modern lives, including recycling, composting and the ways in which consumers are driving circular economy practices in the corporate landscape.

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