Ride Climate Clever

Hey, we get you - electric cars or the newest carbon-neutral technologies aren’t always in reach. There’s still plenty you can do to keep tomorrow’s air in mind when hitting the road.

PLAN AHEAD: Maybe our first boss was right when they said fail to plan, plan to fail. Although spontaneity is courageous, having a plan can help lower our impact. Pack lightly, remove any unnecessary roof racks, and read through the following tips and you’re on your way to climate clever road tripping.

TRY AN ELECTRIC: If it’s an option, browse the electric fleets on offer from all the major brands as well as car sharing services like Sixt, Turo, Getaround

SIZE MATTERS: Your mode of transport to traveler ratio impacts your carbon emissions. The more people you share with, the less individual emissions are (win!). If you’re game, public transport such as busses or trains are your best bet as the large size to human ratio wins. Or even better, an overland cycle for all those fit adventurers. If road tripping by vehicle, and you have some flexibility in choice, always opt for most fuel efficient and electric/hybrid models where you can. Generally, SUVs end up on the most naughty list. But, filled with a full passenger load you’ll still be sharing your emissions, so to speak.

GRANDMA WAS RIGHT AFTER ALL: The way you drive impacts your emissions. Gentle acceleration and cruise control helps reduce your carbon footprint. 

LOOK AFTER YOUR TOOLS: Research tells us that well maintained vehicles are less emissions intensive. And, if you’re traveling long distances, this impact will add up. So, be sure to keep good care of your vehicle leading up to and during your adventures.

ON THE ROAD: Choose accommodation that is climate conscious of both their environmental and social impact. Camping is also a sure way to minimise your carbon footprint.

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