Eat Climate Clever

Hey foodie folk, we know that  some of the best experiences from travel come about thanks to food. But over thinking our sustainable food choices shouldn’t ruin the holiday. 

Climate clever eating is a delicate balance of supporting the destination and its people economically, choosing sustainably produced foods with  low carbon footprints, and still having the mental energy to enjoy the meal. It can be a bit tricky navigating sustainable eating when abroad. Meat or not to meat? Is plant-based  in all places the most ethical? 

If it’s anything like attempting to find holistically sustainable tuna (oxymoron?) at the supermarket, eating with the planet in mind can be a challenging feat, especially if you’re going solo. Never fear climate clever eaters, discover food choices with tomorrow's air in mind, holiday edition.

THINK LOCAL AND SEASONAL (but do your research): Generally this means fewer resources to cultivate and transport. However, be aware of local specialties that could include endangered or threatened species.

MARKETS MARKETS MARKETS!: Not only an awesome experience, you’re likely to find local produce here with less processed goods. 

EAT FRESH: Generally, the less processed, the lower the carbon footprint, and the lighter the weight on our conscience.  

SLOW DOWN, ENJOY IT, DINE IN: Give yourself the time to enjoy your travel and food. As a bonus, this can reduce excess packaging. 

TO MEAT OR NOT TO MEAT?: We think this is a personal one. There’s no doubting that meat and dairy are carbon intensive products therefore have a greater climate impact. As does seafood, which in many destinations is harvested in less than ideal circumstances. Lessening the consumption therefore lowers your carbon footprint. Let’s face it though, not all destinations or communities have the privilege of choosing more sustainable options such as a plant based diet. Choice is a privilege. Conscious travel related to food comes from a holistic approach that acknowledges this.

BYO REUSABLES: Pack that water bottle, metal straw and canvas bag.

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