The Collective Wins

Our dream of uniting travelers, travel companies and destinations for tangible, measurable climate action is gaining momentum: on September 13 we learned that our collective won in the Visionary category of Newsweek’s 2021 Future of Travel Awards. Other finalists in the category represent conservation tourism, indigenous tourism, the black travel movement, women’s travel and impact-focused experiences - all of which deliver powerful benefits for the communities and places we visit and all of whom will benefit from a stable climate. Restoring our climate is an all-encompassing goal, and one that once achieved will benefit everyone, everywhere. 

With our unconventional approach to education and outreach we’re gathering the global travel community together to contribute incrementally to carbon removal with permanent storage, building a collective that represents a new twist on established approaches for marshaling a global response to the climate crisis. Newsweek Travel Editor Kathleen Rellihan observed, "Tomorrow's Air's carbon recapture with permanent storage provides travelers a tangible, affordable way to do their part in the climate crisis, and keeps inspiring real climate action within its global community."

Historically people have looked to top-down, government-led initiatives and coordination to restore our climate; now we’re trying out new approaches. While in some respects it might feel like Tomorrow’s Air is embarking on a radical mission - uniting travelers and businesses, incorporating artists as a key component of the educational and marketing strategy, focusing on direct air capture carbon removal paired with permanent storage - seen from another perspective our coming together in this hybrid way feels almost inevitable. Check out the paper, Climate Change: The Ultimate Tragedy of the Commons written by Professor Jouni Paavola in 2012 that explores the atmosphere as a common-pool resource. In it he says, “There is no world government, so the provision of a stable climate requires collective action.” 

If ever there was a time to branch out and try new approaches to problem solving, it is certainly now. Together, we have what we need to build something world-changing. We’re grateful to all of you, our community of brave travelers, ready to take the first steps that inspire others to join.

Uniting and empowering travelers.

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