We See You

In July 2021 we invited members of the Tomorrow's Air community to complete a short survey to help us get to know each other better. Many of you responded; and we thought you might enjoy seeing the results as much as we have.

For most of our members, top concerns for the world today are 1) climate change followed by followed by 2) equal access to quality education, and 3) equal access to quality health care. Members of our collective say they travel to learn, and gain new perspective on the world. They're "actively seeking out new experiences" and "love making connections with people."

When it comes to spending habits, the Tomorrow's Air community is willing to spend more on environmentally friendly products and services, and favors products from companies who share their values. This is a group of people who like recycled products, B-corps and high quality materials. People here tend to gut check with their friends and family before making major purchases. When it comes to news and information, well researched, credible publications and online outlets are preferred.

Happily, the motivation for joining Tomorrow’s Air is "to take meaningful action for climate" and support a collective bringing brands and travelers together to lead the change. 

Yeah! Nice to meet you, and thanks for being here!

Uniting and empowering travelers.

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