VIDEO: Let’s Talk Flights!

This short clip opens with moderator Christina Beckmann of Tomorrow's Air engaging panelists in the "Bringing About A Carbon Free Travel Future" panel from the Adventure Travel World Summit on the topic of air travel. Listen as Eli Mitchell-Larson (due to technical difficulties appearing as Andrew McEvoy) of Oxford University and Andrew McEvoy, Head of the Tourism Sector at NEOM, tackle the challenge carbon dioxide emissions generated by flights. 

The discussion explores:

  • Key challenges for destinations, especially ones for whom long haul air travel is unavoidable, such as island destination like Australia where tourism makes up a significant percentage of the local economy (10% pre-Covid)
  • Greater damage done by air travel emissions due to the height at which they fly in the atmosphere
  • Incentives for different forms of transportation in the form of price subsidies 
  • Near term changes in flying behaviors we expect such as reduced business travel next 3 - 5 years and for all travelers, flying less, staying longer, choosing lower emission forms of transport whenever possible

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