We know that being able to trust in the integrity of the climate actions our travel partners take with us is vital to expanding the use of carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel. To promote trust, we worked with the team at Pico Next to pilot test the use of a "digital product passport" for our carbon removal orders - essentially a public record of every purchase.

How it works

  1. Every time we place an order for a partner that order is associated with a unique transaction number
  2. This number is recorded on the Polygon blockchain where it is immutable, meaning it cannot be changed
  3. A new token is issued each year for each our partners. Every order made on behalf of that partner in a year can be viewed through the token. All tokens are held in the Tomorrow’s Air wallet and cannot be traded or resold.
  4. The token is our entry point to the blockchain, enabling us to take advantage of the benefits the blockchain provides 
Carbon removal order events can be viewed via web-based viewer provided by PicoNext

Key benefits of this approach include:

Transparency. Transactions are publicly available and inspectable

Security. Data is cryptographically registered and secure on a blockchain

Immutability. Data on a blockchain cannot be altered

Traceability. Data provenance can be traced

Redundancy. Data is replicated and stored on multiple nodes, mitigating any network failure

Persistence. Data persists on-chain regardless of vendor status 

Our partners and their guests can visit our which shows the token data and progress on a set of orders placed from January - July, 2023.

We are continuing to explore and test solutions to provide greater transparency into our carbon removal and sustainable aviation fuel orders on behalf of our community. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep following on social to learn more.

About PicoNext 

PicoNext is an end-to-end platform for experience brands to engage their customers using public ledgers. With integrated Digital Product Passport, sustainability transparency, and loyalty capabilities, PicoNext enables companies to use blockchains to attract and retain Generation Z and Millennial customers. For more details, visit

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