Tomorrow's Air 2022 Impact Report

The Tomorrow's Air impact team compiled a report of fiscal year 2022 results. 

Surveys and a ledger review reveal:

  • Quantity of carbon dioxide ordered for removal in 2022
  • Number of participating travelers in Tomorrow's Air
  • How much influence travelers feel they have over everything from accommodation to meals to waste associated with single-use plastics
  • Types of climate action Tomorrow's Air community members are taking to reduce emissions associated with travel

Tomorrow's Air tracks impact in four areas: Community, Education, Investment, and Action.

Community. Tomorrow’s Air communicates through a variety of channels in an effort grow a large and global community with awareness about climate change, the ways travel can help, and about climate solutions. 

To understand our impact we gauge awareness of key climate change and sustainable travel topics through surveys and quantify the number of people we can directly reach through our communications

Community Results

Today there are 43,527 people in the Tomorrow’s Air community. When it comes to climate issues 91% consider themselves moderately to highly knowledgeable, but only 59% enjoy discussing climate concerns with others. When it comes to understanding the power of their choices in helping reduce emissions from travel, many don’t feel they have much influence. Only 24% believe they have influence over reducing emissions when it comes to selecting accommodations. Thirty-seven percent feel they have influence over emissions through their transportation choices when they travel. The area people feel they have most influence is with respect to waste: 53% believe they have a moderate to high level of influence over their emissions associated with waste such as single use plastics for example

Education. We gauge whether people in our community are learning about climate conscious travel and about climate solutions as a key part of our mission. Through through surveys we find out if people in our community are learning about climate conscious travel and about climate solutions.

Education Results

Survey results show that 83% of people in our community understand that carbon dioxide can be stored underground after being captured. When asked further about their understanding of carbon dioxide storage,  83% understood the variation in different storage duration provided through different mechanisms such as plants and soil, ocean, and rocks.  This contrasts with 73% of the general outdoor recreation population reached in our original research with Outside Interactive. (LINK)

Investment. We want to help innovative climate solutions grow in efficiency and scale. A key part of our impact is the measurable amount of carbon dioxide ordered for clean up and permanent storage through our portfolio.

We track the amount of carbon dioxide ordered for clean up and permanent storage through Tomorrow’s Air.

Investment Results

The Tomorrow’s Air community ordered 147t of carbon dioxide for removal and permanent storage in 2022 with 10, 262 travelers participating.

Especially helpful are our outstanding business partners - companies like Kimkim, Geographic Expeditions, Natural Habitat Adventures, Todos Santos Eco Adventures and many more who help us reach and engage with travelers. 

Action. We hope the travelers and business leaders in our community are using what they’re learning about climate conscious travel and translating it into a range of actions - from reducing emissions of their travels in a variety of ways as well as investing in climate technologies.

We use surveys to find out about the many ways this community is taking tangible action for climate. 

Action Results

  • 83% consider climate change in their travel decisions
  • 89% say they are actively engaged in reducing their climate impact through various means
  • 42% say they calculate their carbon emissions in their travel
  • 69% say they change travel plans based on emissions information when that information is available 
  • 29% Adapt meals to emphasize foods with a lower carbon footprint
  • 18% Buy carbon offsets
  • 11% pay for carbon removal 

While we have made a lot of progress, we know we are just at the beginning of our journey. In putting this report together we learned more about key factors holding people back from engaging more fully and gathered more information about where we can improve.

On the horizon for 2023 and beyond:

For Businesses, Enabling Decision Making.

Evaluating possible climate solutions and finding the budget to support climate action can be daunting for businesses:  Fifteen percent of those in our community noted that high human resources are required for climate change mitigation strategies. Twenty percent said they felt costs to implement were high. 

Tomorrow’s Air is developing tools to help businesses project and visualize the cost and climate benefit of their investments in climate technologies.

For Travelers, Education They Can Apply & Share   

As traveler surveys revealed, we know that our travelers don’t understand the full power of the influence they wield when it comes to reducing travel’s emissions. We also know that they could be more confident talking about climate strategies with others when they’re in the travel planning stages. 

We’re building out our educational program to include easily digestible and shareable content for travelers. 

Our mission is fresh air and a stable climate for everyone. The 2022 Impact Report shows what you, our community, has helped accomplish in the last year and where we’re headed together in the years to come. 

Find out more when you browse the full report

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