Kimkim Goes For Impact With Tomorrow’s Air

Online travel platform kimkim joined Tomorrow’s Air this month, adding a contribution to Tomorrow’s Air onto every traveler booking. Kimkim is in the travel vanguard ordering carbon dioxide removal and supporting education and awareness- building necessary for the expansion of this practice. 

For a stable climate we will need to not only reduce emissions, we will also need to remove them from the atmosphere and permanently store them, a challenge that has been under-addressed in the past.  Tomorrow’s Air was created to harness the global reach of travel - pre pandemic ten percent of global GDP with 1.4 billion international travelers  - by providing a mechanism to engage travel businesses and individual travelers in the effort. 

Kimkim Head of Destination Development Eric Chamberlain commented, “At kimkim, we're passionate about the positive social and economic impacts that travel generates in our destinations—but we also recognize that travel contributes to climate change. Joining in with individual travelers and travel businesses at Tomorrow’s Air allows us to support valuable climate conscious travel education plus remove and permanently store carbon dioxide. The fact that Tomorrow’s Air generates funding for carbon removal via direct air capture provider Climeworks means we’re part of a global community helping to scale up necessary technologies that will be necessary alongside natural solutions for carbon removal.”

The time has never been better to embrace new solutions to help restore our climate: the latest IPCC report’s findings state clearly that the world isn’t reducing greenhouse-gas emissions fast enough. This is pushing us to the point of irreversible consequences from melting glaciers and permafrost for example and the extinction of 14 percent of land species, among a long list of other impacts. Early customers like kimkim are helping accelerate important carbon removal solutions down the cost curve, while also building knowledge and awareness with a global community of travelers. 

Travelers have a close appreciation of what’s at stake given their broader experience of the world and the time to take action is now. Learn how your business can follow in kimkim’s lead, or join us as individual member to help spread climate conscious travel education and clean up and permanently store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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