Increasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel Use

Cleaning up carbon dioxide stored in the atmosphere is vital; alongside this we also must evolve many aspects of how travel happens today. Sustainable aviation fuel is one of these areas of evolution. Sustainable aviation fuel is produced from resources such as waste oils from a biological origin or non-fossil carbon dioxide.  So called ‘feedstocks’ for sustainable aviation fuel range from cooking oil, plant oils, municipal waste, waste gases, and agricultural residues. 

The greenhouse gas emissions from sustainable aviation fuels can be at least 80 percent lower than traditional jet fuel. While current volumes of sustainable aviation fuel produced are very low - less than one percent of total jet fuel demand, these volumes can be substantially increased with coordinated support.

Learn more about sustainable aviation fuels at the International Air Transport Association, which supports research, development and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels that meet environmental, societal and economic sustainability criteria.

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