Flywire x Tomorrow's Air Partnership Makes Carbon Removal Payments Easy for Travelers

For many travel companies it's not the lack of a shared philosophical commitment to helping support climate-stabliizing technologies like the direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering and biochar technologies that make up the Tomorrow's Air portfolio, it's operational challenges that hold them back from engaging. There are many considerations, from updating marketing materials and educating sales staff necessary, to adjusting product pricing and descriptions in dynamic booking and payment systems. Some of these operational hurdles may be addressed through a new partnership between Flywire, a global payments enablement and software company, and Tomorrow's Air.

Flywire, a global payments enablement and software company, is offering its travel clients an easy way to make contributions towards climate conscious travel education and carbon dioxide removal and permanent storage by partnering with Tomorrow’s Air. Travel businesses using Flywire’s invoicing solution will be able to easily embed carbon removal payments directly within their travelers’ purchasing experience.

Photo credit: Yan Krukau

Participating businesses will receive a suite of communications support materials from Tomorrow's Air plus a custom impact report at the end of each fiscal year to understand the positive effect of their efforts on the environment that demonstrates measurable impact aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Flywire Vice President of Corporate Marketing Sarah King said, “Sustainability is top of mind for our global travel clients and their guests, who are recognizing more and more the part they play in preserving a destination’s natural resources. We are thrilled to partner with Tomorrow’s Air to provide our ecosystem of businesses and travelers the opportunity to make a positive impact in their communities, and on the planet. Our partnership also reinforces Flywire’s commitment to taking direct actions to reduce our impact on the climate, and aligns with our progress towards protecting and preserving our environment.”

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