European Travel Commission Brings Tomorrow's Air to Members

The European Travel Commission (ETC) joined Tomorrow’s Air in July, 2023, acknowledging the importance of climate conscious travel education and carbon removal with permanent storage to restore our climate. ETC members, which include the National Tourism Organizations of 34 countries in Europe along with numerous private sector travel players from Google to Expedia, Airbnb and Emirates among many others - are strategically focused on sustainability and view climate action as a key element.

Tomorrow’s Air and ETC plan to collaborate with two goals in mind:

  1. Support ETC’s Climate Action Plan and sustainable events goals 
  2. Help increase the knowledge of European tourism  stakeholders about climate conscious travel solutions and the benefits of integrating support for climate technology into their strategies 

Wandering the streets of Lugano, Switzerland. Photo courtesy Adventure Travel Trade Association.

To begin with, all ETC event delegates will have the opportunity to make a Tomorrow’s Air  purchase when they plan their travel to ETC events. For every delegate choosing to purchase, ETC will match their payment. ETC has a long history of advocacy on topics related to tourism in Europe, with a growing focus on sustainability in recent years. Through their research and live workshop sessions they strive to empower their member tourism boards and private sector partners with the knowledge and tools to shape tourism as a force for good in local destinations. 

Taking in the view in one of Europe's many beautiful destinations, Switzerland. Photo courtesy Adventure Travel Trade Association and Matt Corliss.

ETC COO Teodora Marinska observed, “ETC’s Climate Action Plan has set forth a comprehensive strategy to reduce our carbon footprint, empower our members to minimize the environmental impact of tourism in their destinations, and support the European tourism industry on their Net Zero journey. By integrating sustainable practices such as Tomorrow’s Air into our operations, we aim to create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond our organization.”

Through creative education and outreach, Tomorrow's Air is uniting travelers and travel companies to help scale up carbon removal technology that pulls carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it permanently underground.

Learn more about the European Travel Commissions complete Climate Action Plan here.

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