Combining Carbon Removal with Conventional Carbon Offsetting

You’ve probably encountered carbon offsetting when you book a flight or a tour - as part of the checkout process maybe you elected to “offset your trip” for a small additional fee which then goes to support a project that helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as a forest.

These programs are extremely valuable and the projects they support are needed, and yet we still face a problem in that carbon dioxide is still being emitted into the air where it will remain for hundreds to thousands of years. It is well understood that offsets alone will not solve our problem when it comes to excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Carbon removal can help. Carbon removals scrub carbon directly from the atmosphere. Today, Tomorrow’s Air provides carbon removal with permanent storage via direct air capture. This method of carbon removal minimally impacts the environment and uses little water. 

According to Oxford University, carbon removals have a critical advantage over emission reductions because they scrub emissions from the atmosphere. They will eventually play a very important role in stabilising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, and potentially even reducing them after net zero is achieved.

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