Carbon Removal Helps Restore Our Climate

Chris Neidl of the Open Air Collective has recently interviewed Dr. Julio Friedmann, one of the most widely known and authoritative experts in the U.S. on carbon removal, carbon dioxide conversion and use, and carbon capture and storage. Chris and Dr. Friedmann discuss the basics of carbon removal via direct air capture and why it is necessary along with various pathways and challenges to scale. 

One of our favorite moments of the interview comes about twenty three minutes in when Mr. Neidl asks the question, “What are some developments that have you excited, or energized?” 

And Dr. Friedmann replies,  “The stuff I see that is exciting is that there are voluntary markets, and these voluntary markets are growing.” He continues, “There are other companies out there that are starting to aggregate the demand. Me buying five tons of CO2 removal does not move the market, but if you aggregate demand, if you’ve got somebody who’s saying look, ‘I’ve got 500,000 tons of CO2 removal services I need, then at that point you can start moving capital into these markets…. It’s how these things often start. Often these really important industries start with voluntary contributions.”

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