Carbon Removal and Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the News

The team at Tomorrow's Air is always busy tracking the latest trends and developments from the dynamic sectors of carbon dioxide removal and sustainable aviation fuel. Through our technical supply partners and through the conferences, panel discussions, newsletters and research reports we monitor, Tomorrow's Air keeps abreast of what's happening and offers a monthly digest in our Airrow Bulletin. Here are the highlights from our November, 2023 edition.

Carbon Removal Knowledge Gaps

Check out this tool from Frontier Climate that organizes the myriad unknowns in carbon removal technologies. It was developed to help focus researchers on the most important open questions that need attention as we try to expand the use of these technologies. 

The tool organizes knowledge gaps into five categories: fundamental science; monitoring, reporting and verification; technology and engineering; governance; and new pathways. It also includes a list of experts and ecosystem resources. 

When you click through it, keep in mind that our collective, through our carbon removal orders and our commitment to ‘help scale’ these technologies, is contributing to the larger community that’s helping find the answers. Have a look and feel proud to be part of the movement. 

Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Reuter’s reported that Britain's Civil Aviation Authority granted Virgin Atlantic a permit for a transatlantic flight powered only by SAF to showcase how the fuel can be used to decarbonise flying. Virgin Atlantic is planning to fly from London to New York on November 28, 2023, using 100% sustainable aviation fuel. VIrgin must also obtain permission from regulators in the United States, Ireland and Canada for the flight. Demonstrations like this can build awareness sustainable aviation fuel, contributing to efforts to build demand. 

First Commercial Direct Air Capture Plant Opens in the United States

Heirloom's plant in Tracy, California opened Thursday, November 9, 2023. The Heirloom plant will remove up to 1,000 tons of carbon annually - equal to the amount of exhaust from about 200 cars. Plant funding came from the Inflation Reduction Act and the bi-partisan Infrastructure Act, and will help advance President Biden’s 2050 net zero targets and California’s 2045 state net zero goals. The carbon dioxide pulled from the air at the Tracy plant will be sealed in concrete. Find out more in this New York Times article.

Global Direct Air Capture Conference Highlight

The Global Direct Air Capture Conference was held October 16 - 17, 2023 in New York with attendees focused on everything from policy to finance, technology and civil society. Hosted by Columbia University, this was the first event of its kind. 

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry spoke via video to the delegation, itemizing the key steps needed to restore our climate: decarbonize energy, end deforestation, tackle non-CO2 emissions like methane, and advance ‘carbon management’ which includes things like accelerating carbon removal and finding new uses for captured CO2. 

Kerry said, “Scientists have convinced me that we can’t get to net zero without capturing CO2. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere through technologies like direct air capture are crucial. Even in scenarios where we are aggressively mitigating emissions. We can’t be content with just one track or two tracks, we have to put every solution on the table.” Find his full remarks in this video.

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