Carbon Clean Up Anywhere Benefits Everywhere

Too much  carbon dioxide is in the air no matter where you are running, swimming, hiking, or enjoying a sunset, and regardless of where it was originally emitted. Good news: this means it can also be cleaned up from anyplace on earth and also benefit us all, regardless of where we live and travel.

Accelerated carbon removal through direct air capture can be used anyplace we have electricity, heat and a place to store the removed carbon dioxide. When  powered by renewable energy, the efficiency of direct air capture is 90 percent (10 kilograms of carbon dioxide are emitted for every 100 kilograms removed) and the global storage potential in basaltic rock is actually larger than emissions from burning all the fossil fuels on Earth. 

So what are we waiting for?  Researchers have found that today’s direct air capture capacity must be doubled every year for the next 25 years, augmenting and accelerating natural systems of carbon removal,  to avoid catastrophic climate change. It’s daunting, but we can do it if we all act now. 

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