Behind the Scenes With an Artist for Air

On Nyanyi beach, just outside of the Canggu area in Bali, Indonesia, Tomorrow’s Air Artist for Air Eszter Papp took an afternoon to photograph three inspiring women wearing the sustainable product of our partner, BRANWYN Performance Innerwear. Aspects of the photo series, such as the location of the shoot, and the selection of models were selected by Eszter to underscore BRANWYN’s guiding values of women’s empowerment and climate action.


Bali is one of the thousands of islands in Indonesia that where much of the coast has been eroded. The location of this shoot on a remote beach along Bali’s south coast highlights the effects the warming climate has on coastal communities such as erosion, flooding, and sea level rise. These effects can be readily felt, and even as the beauty of the place continues to delight, recognizing the challenges these places face and taking tangible action is necessary. According to data from the Penida River Basin Agency’s water network, about 230 kilometres of the 633 kilometre coastline in Bali has been lost to erosion. The effects of climate change on Bali’s coastal resorts has been studied in-depth, concluding that “Besides sea level rise, other factors were indicated to lead the erosion on the coast of Bali. The factors are coral mining, hotel wastewater disposals, boat activities and chemical waste from the rivers which caused coral destruction, and this destruction led the vulnerability of the coast to stand from wave and current.” 


Eszter is a Hungarian documentary, fine art photographer and visual artist whose work at Tomorrow’s Air helps us tell not only the ‘how’ of restoring our climate but the ‘why’ when it comes to putting our heart and soul into the effort. She chose the models for this particular project because of their personal alignment with the BRANWYN and Tomorrow’s Air mission.

  • Rosa is Indo-Austrian model developing an ethical swimwear brand; she is in the process of opening a store that will bring her interests in fashion design, art and interior design together. 
  • Yoi is a Japanese - American musician, sound medicine and ceremony facilitator whose understanding of the interconnectedness of all things permeates her professional and personal life.
  • Nadya is a Russian contemporary visual artist and performer whose works explore themes such as beauty, exploitation and togetherness. She is inspired by the beauty of Bali and the love she says that surrounds her on the island. 

These three women are each charting authentic and unconventional paths forward in life, committed to using their talents to support causes they believe in.   

“Shooting for a sustainable brand like BRANWYN, I knew it was important that all the elements be authentic, and aligned in terms of the mission. I decided to stage this shoot on a remote beach where both the beauty and the fragility of Bali’s coast were visible, away from lots of development,” commented Eszter. “The models themselves are also each women who live their beliefs about care for each other and the environment so completely. I hope knowing the underlying story helps people find the deeper meaning in the pretty pictures.”

The combination of this creative team with BRANWYN, whose sustainably sourced merino Performance Innerwear was created to empower women, is an example of modern product marketing that integrates company values with product features.

BRANWYN was the first company to link its product marketing with tangible action for climate through its Tomorrow’s Air partnership, offering all Tomorrow’s Air members 20 percent savings on all its products and ordering 900kgs of carbon removal with permanent storage alongside its other sustainability efforts. A portion of its revenue will come back to Tomorrow’s Air for additional carbon removal at the end of 2022.  

Company executive Sarah Palmer said, “At our core, our brand is committed to empowering women and solving climate change. We recognize the critical role that gender equality and women's education and empowerment at a global level play in the mission to heal, restore, and support our climate. The story behind this photo series is a visual representation of our commitment to our mission. We hope it inspires more brands to engage in carbon removal through Tomorrow’s Air and more women to buy our product, knowing that their purchase is furthering the goals we all share.”  Learn more about BRANWYN’s mission. 

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