A Pioneering Adventure Yoga Company Folds Climate Action Into Its Business

When Jen Hoddevik founded The Travel Yogi in 2010, her goal was to elevate the experiences she knew were possible through both adventure travel and yoga by blending them. She was the first to bring the two experiences together and since then, with carefully curated itineraries that combine yoga and adventurous destinations, The Travel Yogi has evolved the concept of ‘yoga retreats’ from the beach to incorporate forays into the wilderness, deepening the powerful benefits of both yoga and adventure travel.  

Now in 2021, The Travel Yogi is pioneering once again, as the first yoga company to join Tomorrow’s Air.  As a new Education Partner The Travel Yogi is supporting climate action education alongside the the removal and permanent storage of one ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is removed and permanently stored by Tomorrow’s Air partner Climeworks, which has a direct air capture plant located in Iceland. 

For The  Travel Yogi, it was a happy coincidence that one of the company’s most beloved itineraries, its yoga retreat in Iceland, is the perfect way to reinforce their specific intention around environmental wellness and carbon dioxide removal. Travelers with Jen and her team this October will experience a yoga adventure that explores waterfalls and geysers, allows travelers to taste-test their way around Reykjavik, and enjoy zero light pollution in the south surrounded by Icelandic horses and quiet soaks in the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland’s use of geothermal energy and its focus on sustainability is well documented, but guests with The Travel Yogi aren’t just observing it, they’re part of the action -  through their participation supporting carbon clean up, and taking satisfaction knowing that carbon dioxide emitted from all around the world is being permanently stored in the ground underfoot with their help.

“Yoga is inherently about unity, and an awareness for the interconnectedness of all things,” says Hoddevik. “We know that our personal wellbeing is closely tied to the wellbeing of the environment.  Learning that in order to restore our climate we need to tackle legacy emissions along with emissions reductions was a powerful realization. With the Tomorrow’s Air partnership we’re supporting global  education, plus chipping in to help remove and permanently store excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.” 

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