Fraser Morton

Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker

Fraser is an award-winning Scottish journalist, documentary filmmaker and founder of media production company Far Features Ltd, which specialises in producing visual arts projects related to environmental and health-related issues. He has filmed on all seven continents, including both polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic for media including BBC, Vice News, CNN, National Geographic, Channel News Asia. His Antarctica and Arctic photography and short films have been exhibited at the ArtScience Museum and Botanical Gardens of Singapore and selected as finalists at the Jackson Wild Media Awards 2019 (USA) and Adventure Uncovered Film Festival in Environmental Spotlight Award & New Talent Award 2018 (UK). He is a 2041 Foundation alumni and Climate Force supporter. He believes in the power of positive storytelling to connect people to nature, leading to transformational ideas, actions and environmental solutions. His recent projects include: Project Reset, a 20-year time capsule documentary addressed to the future and ongoing Two Poles podcast, exploring the polar regions and health documentary project A Life Electric.


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