Colby Brokvist

Naturalist Guide, Photographer

Originally from New England, Colby has an infectious love of exploration and adventure that is immediately evident to those around him. With a degree in Geologic & Environmental Sciences, his passion for guiding lies at the intersection where people, wildlife and wilderness come together: the extraordinary places just beyond one’s daily comforts, where we can discover things about the world around us as well as ourselves.

Colby has led hundreds of expeditions across the globe, including wildlife safaris, photography expeditions, backpacking trips, and sailing and kayaking voyages. While he has a special affinity for mountain and polar realms, he has guided trips in destinations as diverse as Churchill, Yosemite, Antarctica, Patagonia, Yellowstone, Namibia and the Everglades. He has been featured on National Geographic Weekend Radio, and has worked on- and off-camera for various travel-related television productions.

Colby has long held a passion for photography, dating back to his days in the darkroom while attending high school and university. Today, he is a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Certified Photography Instructor and loves helping others capture the special moments that define nature expeditions.


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